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10 Extreme Ways To Cut Costs

If you’re trying to get out of debt, save money, or simply find more wiggle room in your budget each month, I’ve got some ideas to help you do that. Here are ten extreme ways to cut costs.

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10 Extreme Ways to Cut Costs

1. Cloth Pads or Diva Cups

Skip disposable tampons. Reusable feminine products are easy to use, better for the environment and healthier for you. Infertility has been linked to exposure to chemicals and gels within disposable products.

2. Cloth Diaper

You can save THOUSANDS of dollars by utilizing cloth diapers as opposed to disposables. A modest diaper stash can cost around $500 – $800, and if well cared for can last through multiple children. On the flip side disposable diapers can cost you $50 a month for two or more years, for a minimum of $1200 per kid.

Cloth Diapers for Beginners

3. Become a Minimalist

If you switch your mindset to focus on purging and living simplistic, you can cut back on things in your life. This will help with developing a sense of contentment with less. You may even MAKE money as you sell things to live more in alignment with your new minimalistic lifestyle.

4. Project 333

Simple is the new black. Take on a challenge to live with only 33 articles of clothing for 3 months. Trust me, no one will notice. Full rules and details here.

5. Eat MORE Potatoes

For 28 days I ate only potatoes and lost weight doing it – but more importantly I only spent $20 a week on food. That was pretty darn exciting. I’m not suggesting you eat only potatoes, but adding more of them to your diet will help lower your grocery bill, while still keeping you satisfied and healthy. If potatoes aren’t your thing, go with rice and beans.

6. Cut Cable

Why haven’t you done this yet?! Seriously. We picked up a Roku on Black Friday for $29 and have been enjoying loads of free content ever since.

7. Cut Land Lines

Most of us have cell phones. Therefore, it’s somewhat excessive to have a land line as well. I agree it’s nice to have, but we’re trying to cut costs here. If you can’t part with it, then think about cancelling your cell phones. Pick one.

8. Sell, Sell, Sell

Think about selling your car, home or boat. There’s no shame in driving a beater, or renting for a while until you reach your financial goals. Once you hit those goals, you’ll be in a position to drive an even nicer car, or buy an even better house.

9. STOP Eating Out

Pack your lunches, cook your dinner at home, and forget the drive through coffees. Each time you step into a restaurant you’re pushing your goal further away. Say NO to eating out, so you can say YES to achieving your money goals.

10. Set A Goal, Stick To It, It Ain’t Forever

Remember, you won’t need to cut costs forever, if you commit to cutting costs now. You can work past anything if you know where you’re going, and why.