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Rachel Cruze Wallet Unboxing and Review

Rachel Cruze, Dave Ramsey’s daughter, released a clip system wallet this year. I received it as a gift for my Anniversary. I’ve been using clips to hold my cash for years. Now I have a wallet made specifically our cash system. Here is an unboxing of the Rachel Cruze wallet, and my initial thoughts on it.

Rachel Cruze Wallet

My husband and I follow the Dave Ramsey baby steps. His famed envelope system is a tad too bulky for me, and I’ve been using mini binder clips to designate our weekly budgeted cash allowances. The wallet I was using was a zipper wallet, like Rachel’s, and was purchased at Target.

See my old wallet and cash clip system here.

When you receive your new Rachel Cruze Wallet, it comes in a beautiful blue box with her initials “RC”, encased in a gold box. It’s a beautiful gift box and perfect for wrapping. I love that it comes ready to GIVE.

When you open the box the wallet is wrapped neatly in tissue paper, with yet again another “RC” logo. It’s very designer. The paper even has the “RC” monogram. Nice work, Rachel Cruze.

Clip System Wallet

The wallet itself has a full zipper closure, to hold all your cash securely. There’s an “RC” monogram (of course!) on the front of the wallet. The monogrammed plate and zipper are gold.

Rachel Cruze Wallet

Inside the wallet are 5 clips for your cash. These are pretty basic, and I was disappointed. I was hoping for fancier clips. It’s nice that they’re all different colors, but I would prefer branded clips. The Dave Ramsey tribe is a unique bunch, and it’d be fun to see some text or patterns on the clips. These are plain jane basic ones that you can pick up at any office supply store. BORING!

Clip System

The best part of this wallet is the height. It’s got a few inches over on your typical wallet. This helps a lot when carrying cash around.

cash wallet

Even though you likely (and should have!) cut up all your credit cards, this wallet has plenty of card slots. I guess Rachel has a lot of debit cards. But seriously, there’s plenty of room for discount cards etc. Plus there’s a compartment for your change.

rachel cruze cash

My only complaint about this wallet is that it’s stiff. I wish the leather was softer. I keep waiting for it to “break in”. If you have too much in it, it’ll be tough to zipper closed. Other than that, I appreciate the larger size and am excited that Ramsey Solutions released a wallet for those of us who prefer to clip our cash.